Maranatha Village Retirement Community


 Weekly Schedule (July 7 - 13)

Monday 7th

 1:00 PM Village Prayer meeting in the Community Center

Tuesday 8th

10:15 AM Bible study in the Community Center with Rev. David Drake


Wednesday 9th



1:30 PM Lodge Bible study with Chaplain Darryl Paddock

3:00 PM Res. Care Afternoon service with Terry & Nita Watkins

6:30 PM Wednesday evening service in the chapel with guest speaker Dr. David Ringer 

Thursday 10th

9:30 AM Bible study in Northwoods Activities Room with Chaplain Darryl Paddock 

Friday 11th


7:00 PM  "Testament Choir" - a choir of 60 Jr. High students from 1st United Methodist Church in Arlington, TX will be with us.  Transportation will be at 6:15

Saturday 12th


Sunday 13th


10:00 AM Chaplain Paddock

6:30 PM Cindy & Doug Sites