Maranatha Village Retirement Community


 Weekly Schedule (August 25 - August 31)

Monday 25th

 1:00 PM Village Prayer meeting in the Community Center

Tuesday 26th


10:15 AM Bible study in the Community Center with Rev. David Drake


Wednesday 27th



1:30 PM Lodge Bible study with Chaplain Darryl Paddock

3:00 PM Manor area afternoon service with Chaplain Steve Anoa'i

6:30 PM Wednesday evening service - Rev. Mike McClaflin, Former Regional Director for Africa in AG World Missions Dept

Thursday 28th


9:30 AM Bible study in Northwoods Activities Room with Chaplain Paddock

 Friday 29th 


1:00 PM Bible study in the Manor Area Dining room with Chaplain Steve Anoa'i

 Saturday 30th

No scheduled meetings

Sunday 31st





Lodge Chapel - 10:00 AM - Chaplain Darryl Paddock

Manor Atrium - 10:00 AM - Rev. Terry Watkins

Lodge Chapel - 6:30 PM Night of Music