Maranatha Village Retirement Community

Memory Care

Maranatha Village offers a special protective care unit for residents with Alzheimer's disease.  Appropriately named "The Garden, " the unit offers a calming, consistent environment, proven to be of vital importance in the treatment of this condition.  In "The Garden", each resident receives specialized treatment and attention from a loving staff trained in providing care to those with Alzheimer's.

Our mission at "The Garden" is to offer Alzheimer residents a structured environment that will enable them to function at their highest possible level, enhance their quality of life, and slow behavioral deterioration all while living in a Christian atmosphere.

Our private and semi-private rooms are decorated in soft colors that are inviting and soothing for the residents.  The activity room is used for mealtimes and for activities which enables residents to burn off their high energy levels through walking (which is one of the most common repetitive actions).

A special Alzheimer's support group meets monthly and provides special speakers, videos, and opportunities for family support and encouragement.