Maranatha Village Retirement Community

Special Services at The Garden


Our activities are planned with the resident's needs in mind.  The duration of an activity is short and the intervals are more frequent than our other levels of care.  A daily activities program, involving both activity and nursing staff, is systematically aimed at enhancing resident enjoyment and reducing frustration. With reduction of frustration comes a decrease in behavioral problems and often a decrease in the need for medication.


Our Special Care Unit is self-contained with alarmed doors, all purpose activity room, and enclosed courtyard.  These features allow residents to freely explore the area on their own, without the risk of wandering away.  Meals and activities are provided on the unit so the residents never have to leave the secure environment to which they are accustomed.  Continuity of daily living is stressed so as to provide residents with a sense of security through familiarity.

Professional Staff

The nursing and activities staff members are trained in Alzheimer's behavior and special care.  The same staff members consistently work in our Special Care Unit to limit the contact residents have with new, unfamiliar people.

Family Involvement

A special Alzheimer's support group meets monthly providing special speakers, videos, and other opportunities for family support and encouragement.