Maranatha Village Retirement Community

Independent Living 

 Residents who are totally independent have several options when it comes to selecting a living unit.  These options were created to address the personal preferences and the individual financial budgets of each resident.  Housing selections range from one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom homes with a two-car garage.  Regardless of which option is selected, all residents of Maranatha have a variety of amenities available to them including meal service, housekeeping, laundry service, emergency health care, and a variety of activities.

When choosing a living unit at Maranatha there are two options available at this time. 

1.  The Founder's Plan  (meet our builder

2.  The Rental Plan  (one year lease)

The Founder's plan is the first option.  When you become a resident of the Village under the Founder's plan, you are securing a "qualified lifetime tenancy".  The living unit does not become a part of your estate, however; you are entitled to live in the unit as long as you are able to do so safely.  The Founder' Plan has 3 payment options that are available. You will find these options under Housing Options under Independent Living on the main page.

All Independent Living units of Maranatha Village can be occupied under the Founder's plan, which requires the payment of an entrance fee upon admission and a monthly maintenance fee.

The Rental Plan is the second option (one year lease required)

All Independent Living units are available on a yearly lease basis. Current rates can be located on the Houses, Duplexes, North Woods Complex, 4 Plexes and 12 Plexes under Independent Living on the main page. News & Information