Maranatha Village Retirement Community

Welcome to The Maranatha Village Volunteers Center



Maranatha Volunteers is an organization of volunteers with a God-given passion to love others. It provides opportunities for individuals to use their gifts and callings in service to the Lord, the Maranatha family and our community.



Dues are $5 per year from October 1 – September 31.


Executive Committee:  

Maranatha Village Administrator, Assistant Administrator, Director of Volunteer Services, Maranatha Volunteers Treasurer, and Maranatha Volunteers Secretary.


Director of Volunteer Services:  
  1. Coordinate and develop the Maranatha Village Volunteer Services Program in cooperation with the Village administrative staff.
  2. Serve as Chairman of the Volunteer Services Council (Executive Committee and Coordinators).
  3. Appoint and provide support for coordinators and other staff personnel.
  4. Approve volunteer service projects.
  5. Assist in the recruitment of members, Volunteers and in the selecting of ‘Volunteer of the Month’ and ‘Volunteer of the Year’. 
Areas of Volunteer Service:
  1. Membership  
  2. Lodge/Manor Assistants
  3. Independent Living/Community Center Assistants
  4. Chapel Ministry
  5. Care and Compassion 
  6. Village Fund Raising
  7. Creative Center
  8. Safety,  Security and Hospitality 
  9. Grounds/Property
  10. Special Programs and Projects
  11. Off-Campus Programs

If you have questions about Maranatha Volunteers please contact Maranatha Village at:



Click the link below to view the entire Volunteer Ministry Packet.