Maranatha Village Retirement Community


Since 1973 Maranatha Village has been attracting people to our Springfield Missouri home, and not just by chance.  Maranatha is recognized as a leader among retirement communities.  The Village offers the best health care services and lifestyle choices for your peace of mind.  All are provided within a warm and caring Christian environment.

With it's rich history it's clear to see why Maranatha Village is the first choice for Christian retirees. Many of the residents were once pastors, missionaries, or evangelists, but not everyone.  At Maranatha you will find people from diverse occupational backgrounds including teachers, farmers, businessmen, nurses, engineers, housewives, and those who have served in the military. 

The diversity in the Village not only is found in occupations, but in the geographical roots of the residents.  People have moved from 45 different states and several countries to become residents of the Village.  Even with this diversity, a love for the Lord, and the joy of serving Him is something that is shared by all of those who now call Maranatha home.